1983 Le Mans class winning Porsche 930 at Baskerville 2015 Historics

Dutton Garage brought over their Porsche 930 Le mans class winner to the 2015 event. The car was driven in period by  [United Kingdom]  John Cooper, [United Kingdom]  Paul Smith, and [United Kingdom]  David Ovey. The car was prepared by Charles Ivey Racing and won it's class and placed 11th outright. A massive piece of history to have at Baskerville.

Massive Field of bikes takes to track

Baskerville Historics saw it's biggest ever field of motorbokes at the 2015 Baskerville Historics. With over 40 bikes racing there had to be a split as we were at track capacity!! Some of the best bike racing ever to be seen at Baskerville.

Greg Crick drives iconic Humpy Holden at 2015 Historics.

Greg Crick drove the iconic humpy Holden which was owned by the former Club Captain- Andrew Jones. Sadly Andrew Jones is no longer with us but his passion is still with us in his beautiful looking Humpy. The humpy was Crick's first race car, so it was fitting that he drove it at the 2015 Baskerville Historics.

Rallycross comes to Baskerville!!

Rallycross makes it's debut at the 2015 Baskerville Historics. Simon Evans was one of the headline acts- driving a Ford Cortina. There was some great action and is sure to be an event that will play a big part in the Baskerville Historics Future

Glenn Seton drives Bryan Thomson Camaro

Glenn Seton piloted the ex Bryan Thomson Camaro at the 2015 Baskerville Historics. The car owned by peter Sportelli boasts a big 7 litre V8 and massive 'bags' on the back to try and get the power down. The is absolutely spotless and is blisteringly quick!!

2015 Baskerville Historics named as the 2015 CAMS Event of the Year